Products and Services

Manufacturing equipments, and medical instruments and supplies that are widely used in hospitals, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies all over Vietnam.

Details: producing medical equipment and consumable medical supplies such as absorbent cotton wool, gauze, non-woven products and a wide range of items for infants.

Turning Point

Bao Thach establishment was the cutting edge of consumable medical materials which helped hospitals and medical establishments to overcome the scarcity of medical equipment and materials.

With the orientation towards stable and sustainable development in the future, Bao Thach has always tried its best to research and innovate its products as well as developing new products aimed at serving its customers better and for the benefit of the community.


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Company introduction

Bao Thach is the leading company in the field of production of consumable medical supplies in Vietnam. Bao Thach was established with the mission to provide ultimate health care for consumers and the communities. Our products are not only perfectly safe for consumers but also environmental friendly. The company’s modern production lines are managed based on Vietnamese Standards of Quality Management ISO 9001-2008 and the company’s products have won the title of Vietnam High Quality Good for many years. Bao Thach’s staff are highly trained and experienced to provide customers with the best service. The factories were built in a clean and green model to help protect nature and improve working environment for employees.