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Unit packages
Packing 1 pieces per pack

10 pieces per pack

Crating 1000 pieces / crate
MATERIAL Made from polyester and non natural rubber threads
Status quo Sterilized

product information


  • 0,05m x 1m (1 clip)
  • 0,05m x 2m (1 clip)
  • 0,05m x 3m (1 clip)
  • 0,05m x 3.5m (1 clip)
  • 0,05m x 4m (1 clip)
  • 0,075m x 1m (2 clip)
  • 0,075m x 2m (2 clip)
  • 0,075m x 3m (2 clip)
  • 0,075m x 3.5m (2 clip)
  • 0,075m x 4m (2 clip)
  • 0,075m x 5m (2 clip)
  • 0,1m x 1m (3 clip)
  • 0,1m x 2m (3 clip)
  • 0,1m x 3m (3 clip)
  • 0,1m x 3,5m (3 clip)
  • 0,1m x 4m (3 clip)


  • Provide continuous tension, firm yet flexible support, and breathe ability.
  • Ideal for wide range of body parts and injuries.
  • Perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit.
  • Strong, durable and convenient.
  • Washable and reusable.


  • Elastic bandages are used widely in orthopedic hospitals and plastic surgery hospitals.
  • Support injured body parts and provide customized compression where needed.
  • Used to hold cold packs in place on a body part.

how to use

  • Xé bao bì theo đường cắt sẵn
  • Tháo móc nhôm ra khỏi cuộn băng thun
  • Kéo dãn băng thun đến độ dãn cần thiết, sau đó quấn quanh khu vực cần chăm sóc
  • Cố định băng thun bằng cách cài móc nhôm vào mép của băng thun

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